TalkAl Hilal: Proudly Transcending into a Lifestyle Icon3:30 pm - 3:50 pm Sultana Ballroom

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The world of sports is changing. Through emotion, brands explore new ways to build relationships with fans, expand their core territories and change the conversation. Asia’s greatest football club, AlHilal, found that its status as a national icon with global visibility was an opportunity to become a window to the Arab spirit to the world. By championing the region’s evolution and the potential of a booming culture, AlHilal prepared its brand to proudly become a lifestyle icon, thus transcending football.

  • How can sports brands leverage emotions to forge stronger connections with fans and expand their influence beyond their core territories?
  • What challenges and opportunities did AlHilal encounter while transitioning from a national icon to a global lifestyle brand, and what lessons can other sports brands learn from their journey?
  • What role do narratives play in shaping the perception of sports brands, and how can these narratives influence societies and change expectations?

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