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What is Athar Festival?2023-08-21T12:21:07+03:00

Athar Festival is a gathering for the creative marketing industry that comprises a young talent academy, a 2-day festival and an awards ceremony.  Athar Festival is Saudi Arabia’s meeting place for the creative community – it is a place to come to be inspired and to inspire; celebrating Saudi’s marketing excellence and exploring how creativity is at the forefront of Saudi’s vision for the future. As well as a reflection of Saudi creativity, the festival is an opportunity to hear from international leaders for learning, development, inspiration, and innovation.

What date is the Athar Festival taking place?2024-01-15T12:54:05+03:00

The dates for 2024 will be launched soon. If you would like to be kept updated, please subscribe to Athar here:

Where will the Athar Festival take place?2024-01-15T12:57:17+03:00

The festival venue for 2024 will be launched soon. If you would like to be kept updated, please subscribe to Athar here:

Do I need a visa to attend Saudi Arabia?2023-08-21T14:41:50+03:00

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Are there special offer rates for students or young talent?2023-08-21T12:33:55+03:00

Yes, we offer discounted rates for young talent 30 years and under and to full-time university students.  However, guests booking this category must meet certain criteria and provide proof of age to avail discount.

In which language will the Festival take place?2023-08-21T12:35:33+03:00

The festival will take place in predominantly English language, however we will have some sessions taking place in Arabic and translation services will be provided for those sessions.

Is there a dress code for the event?2023-08-21T12:36:22+03:00

The dress code is “Business Casual” or “National Dress” for the Festival and “Black Tie” or “National Dress” for the Awards Ceremony.

Are there any laws or regulations I should consider?2023-08-21T12:38:50+03:00
  • Islam is the dominant religion, and visitors are expected to uphold Islamic customs and traditions
  • International visitors can use their national driving licenses for driving, but adherence to local traffic regulations is necessary
  • The possession or consumption of alcohol or public intoxication is prohibited and punishable by law
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