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Fireside ChatInfluencers in Saudi Arabia, Best Practice for Brands12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Siwar Ballroom

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This engaging panel discussion will bring together industry leaders to explore the intricacies of brand collaborations with influencers and content creators in Saudi Arabia. The session will shed light on strategies to achieve exceptional results and authentic content while upholding brand values.

  • What types of creator-generated content have proven to be most effective on popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok in the Saudi Arabian market, and how can brands leverage them for maximum impact?
  • How can brands strike a harmonious balance between their specific briefs and the authenticity of content creators when embarking on collaborative projects in Saudi Arabia’s influencer landscape?
  • Are there specific advertising formats, such as TikTok Spark Ads, that have shown notable performance in Saudi Arabia? Why should brands consider incorporating them into future creator-driven campaigns?
  • Who are some of the standout creators in Saudi Arabia, and what are some compelling examples of successful branded collaborations that showcase the power of influencer marketing in the region?

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