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Panel DiscussionCreative Leaders in the Spotlight2:00 pm - 2:45 pm Sultana Ballroom

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Over the past decade, the role of a creative leader has undergone significant transformations. The traditional responsibilities of overseeing the artistic direction and ensuring creative excellence have expanded to encompass a multitude of new challenges. Our panellists will explore how creative leaders have adapted to the changing dynamics of the industry, embracing digital advancements, managing relationships, inspiring the team and leveraging emerging technologies to drive innovation.

  • How has the role of a Creative Director evolved in the marketing and advertising industry over the past decade?
  • What are the key challenges faced by creative leaders in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape?
  • How to stay inspired and continue to push creative boundaries in an industry that is constantly evolving?
  • What is the key to a successful and long-lasting agency-brand relationship?

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