Keynote Session

Keynote SessionCreativity as a Source of Competitive Advantage10:55 am - 11:35 am Sultana Ballroom

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What if marketers treated creativity as a competitive advantage? And, most importantly, what results would brands be able to achieve? As the relationship between brands and people evolves, fueled by rapidly changing technology, media landscape and consumer expectations, it is easy to confuse what is here to stay and what is just noise. This entertaining presentation will showcase how brands can consistently punch above their weight thanks to a firm belief that creativity does pay off.

  • How to develop work that truly stands out and how that creates value for the brand and the business?
  • How can brands strike a balance between data-driven marketing and creative intuition to achieve a competitive edge in today’s market?
  • With the increasing noise and clutter in the media landscape, what strategies can marketers use to ensure that their creative work breaks through and captures consumers’ attention?•      How can creativity be harnessed not only for marketing campaigns but also for product innovation and overall brand strategy?

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