WorkshopCreative Playground: Embrace Your Inner Child1:15 pm - 2:00 pm Siwar Ballroom

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Who knew unlocking your inner child could be the ultimate creative key? Ever imagined science would guide you to picking up crayons? Give your grown-up self a vacation, and let your inner child take charge.

With a strong belief that play ignites creativity, crafts joy and fuels better solutions, in this workshop, we’re shedding worries, getting our hands messy, and embracing the delightful chaos that comes with unrestrained imagination. There’s no room for peer pressure, the pursuit of perfection or fearing the oopsies. Prepare to GET GOOFY. Whether you come in as Tom or Jerry, rest assured your serious self isn’t on the guest list.

  • Why do you hold back your instinctive creative thoughts?
  • How does your inner child affect your creativity?
  • What to do to get in touch with your inner child?

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