WorkshopCreative Thinking Unleashed1:15 pm - 2:00 pm Siwar Ballroom

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This session will explore the core principles and methodologies of creative thinking. With her vast expertise in the design and visual communications domain, Hiba Hassan underscores the pivotal role of narrative in the realm of creative thought and emphasises that while ideas are plentiful, they need guidance to reach their full creative potential. The session will incorporate various interactive activities that challenge participants to conceptualise innovative solutions, highlighting the importance of establishing ‘the box’ and recognising societal influences in fostering creativity outside of ‘the box’.

  • What is the essence of creative thinking and how does it differ from regular thought processes?
  • How can constraints, such as time limits, spark more creative solutions?
  • In what ways do societal norms and expectations influence our creative boundaries?
  • How can one effectively think outside the box while ensuring the idea remains relevant and not alienated?

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