TalkKeep Your Clients Close, but Your Team Closer11:05 am - 11:25 am Siwar Ballroom

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In an era of constant innovation and rapid changes, the importance of nurturing a positive work culture is more evident than ever. This session will explore a positive workplace’s critical role in fostering creativity, promoting innovation, and fostering collaboration. Moreover, this session will highlight diversity’s significant role in catalysing creative ideas that resonate with a broader audience. By embracing diversity and inclusion, we foster an environment where varied perspectives give birth to innovative campaigns, driving business growth.

  • How do we attract and retain top-tier talent in this dynamic landscape?
  • What practices can be implemented to build a culture that encourages work-life balance, prioritises employee well-being, and supports professional development? How does this, in turn, maximise profits and organically grow the company?
  • How to foster an environment of inclusion, equity and diversity and why is it important?

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