TalkGeneration Twitch: Leading Cultural Change2:40 pm - 3:00 pm Siwar Ballroom

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By 2030, Gen Z will earn $33 trillion and represent 27% of the world’s income. As they step into their power as trendsetters leading social and cultural change, brands need to understand their influence or risk being left behind. Explore the unique traits of the ‘Generation Twitch’ audience, spanning Millennials to Gen Alpha. This audience thrives in Twitch’s interactive live communities.

  •  How does the rise of Generation Twitch affect the way brands and businesses approach marketing and engagement strategies?
  • What role do technology and digital media play in shaping the cultural landscape influenced by Generation Twitch, and how can brands harness these tools for positive change?
  • What are examples of brands that have successfully connected with Generation Twitch and leveraged their influence for cultural change?

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