Mohammed Abaalkheil

Mohammed Abaalkheil

Vice President Corporate Relations, stc

Mohammed masters the role of an orchestrater where he adds value in bringing teams together, reflecting the true personality of an organisation and its children (projects, and subsidiaries) and assuring the involvement of all stakeholders while discovering opportunities and potential for all.

With his undergraduate Architectural Degree and an MSc in Architecture along with an MBA, Mohammed had managed to build a solid base in designing solutions for organisations. An approach that would allow organisations to have a better impact on their businesses.

Mohammed believes that local understanding of culture and how different they might appear in addition to understanding the perspective of individuals and their expectations play an integral role in problem-solving and successful business development and achievements.

Specialities: Mohammed is an architect by degree and a marketeer by practice and education. Mohammed is a natural leader specialising in organisational re-engineering by building business personalities through all brand touch points including culture and the physical environment of a business and its development. He is a strong believer in omni-channel solutions for better customer experience, as it plays an integral role in business strategies enabling a business for a greater impact and sustainable development and growth.