Enas Rashwan

Enas Rashwan

Founder and CEO, Saudi Ad School - Cairo Ad School

I Believe that you can tell the Ideals of a Nation by its Advertisements Enas Rashwan, the Founder and President of Cairo Ad School (CAS), is a seasoned professional with nearly 18+ years of experience in the advertising and communications industry. She has worked with major clients and has been recognized with numerous industry awards for creativity, Rashwan's educational background includes; a Bachelor of Fine Art, Cairo / Egypt, a Diploma in Art Direction, Florida / USA, a Diploma in Business from a vocational school affiliated with Cambridge and a guide for Trade School Leaders in London / UK, which she completed in 2012. The following year, she founded CAS with the vision of establishing an Occupational school that not only valued creative advertising but also prioritized real-time training to keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry.

Enas founded Cairo Ad School to address a significant gap in specialized education and training for industry creatives in her region. The school, the first of its kind in the Middle East, has since become a hub for creative talent, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in advertising. Under Enas's leadership, Cairo Ad School has achieved numerous international awards for its students, marking the first time Egyptian young talent has been recognized on a global scale. This achievement alone speaks volumes about Enas's commitment to nurturing and promoting talent, and her ability to put Egyptian talents on the global advertising map. Enas's impact extends far beyond the classroom. She has graduated over 6000 creatives, trained teams from more than 40 companies, and provided over 12,000 hours of specialized advertising education. Her efforts have resulted in the hiring of over 2000 of her school's graduates, and she has facilitated numerous fruitful collaborations between companies Enas's influence is widely recognized and celebrated.

There are countless testimonials online from graduates and professionals alike, praising her inspirational leadership and the significant impact of Cairo Ad School. In addition to her role at CAS, Rashwan serves as the President of One Club for Creativity Cairo, the international chapter of the leading non-profit organization, The One Club for Creativity. She is also a Juror in One Show Young Ones / ADC, a board member of the Global Educators Summits by One Club, and a member of several organizations, including TED, TEDx USA, and Ad Creative Summits in the UK.

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