03 – 06 November 2024 – Young Talent Academies

05 – 06 November 2024 – Festival

06 November 2024 – Athar Awards

Crowne Plaza, RDC, Riyadh

Athar Festival

Whether it’s learning how top brands are building customer loyalty, agencies are meeting clients’ business goals, networking or attracting top talent, Athar Festival is the place to be for the latest trends, insights and best practices in the industry.

The Festival hosts a number of initiatives beyond the content on stage – Young Talent Academies for emerging talent, the Maheerah Programme for female executives or C-Suite Roundtables that delve into the pressing challenges of the industry or it’s future growth.

What to Expect

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Senior leaders from brands, agencies, government and tech platforms Hours of content Speakers Awards Categories Bespoke networking opportunities

Why Attend

  1. Meet with KSA and the region’s top brands
  2. Be inspired by award-winning work from KSA, MENA and globally on our content stages
  3. Learn how agencies are using creativity as a powerful tool in business to drive innovation and enhance competitiveness
  4. Gain invaluable insights into the evolving Saudi market and consumer mindset
  5. Meet emerging talent in the industry to grow your network and talent pool
  1. Be inspired by the region’s top brands, and see how they use new tools and solutions that can enhance their campaigns and improve efficiency
  2. Hear about the latest marketing technologies, products, and services to engage with Saudi’s rapidly growing market
  3. Build relationships with agencies, peers or influencers from KSA and the region
  4. Understanding the cultural nuances in Saudi to gain deeper cultural insights, leading to more culturally relevant and resonant marketing campaigns
  5. Learn how leaders are managing and building high-performance teams with a culture that values creativity
  6. Meet emerging talent in the industry to grow your network and talent pool
  1. Meet with KSA and the region’s top brands and agencies, secure new contracts and showcase your services
  2. Stay up-to-date with the latest tools and strategies to ensure the competitive edge
  3. Build your professional network, which could lead to partnerships or referrals
  4. Build your understanding of the local market and consumer behaviours to tailor meet your client’s needs
  1. Learn about the latest trends and innovations supplementing your academic knowledge with practical insights
  2. Build a network of contacts that can lead to internships, job opportunities or mentorships
  3. Gain exposure to a wide range of career opportunities within the industry
  4. Be inspired by success stories from industry leaders
  5. Build your resume by attending and participating in Athar Festival
  1. Stay up to date with the latest trends and practices in marketing
  2. Ensure your curriculum is aligned with industry standards and needs from top brands and agencies
  3. Showcase your institution’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and real-world exposure at your institution
  4. Build relationships with industry professionals, to enhance practical training and employment prospects for students